Skilled fine woodworking is at the heart of my work and an understanding and appreciation of what can be achieved with timber’s different grains and patterns is central to this. Often the infinitely varied nature of the material provides limitless interest and my work must exhibit this at its best, a paired down design may do the most effective job and the brief may be more functional than aesthetic.
More refined, ornate and decorative work may be called for including the use of book-matched veneers, inlays and marquetry for example. I invest a lot of time with my clients and their designers understanding what will best achieve the result they want. Many of the techniques employed to achieve these results are centuries old and there is a limit to how much technology can be substituted for hard won hand skills but technology must play its part too. Alongside us hand tooling, inlaying, book-matching and sand burning etc. you will also find us using CAD, digitally controlled saws, laser cutting facilities and vacuum presses which help us deliver the results our clients want.